Case Study

The Disasters

Emergency Committee


The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is a long-standing umbrella organisation that allows 14 key UK relief charities to operate quickly when a global crisis occurs. Its aim is to raise money and distribute aid in the quickest time possible when most needed.

What we did

Automated telephone donation processing is a key part of the DEC donation channel mix; Spoke are required to provide scalable and reliable capacity to provide a high-quality user experience. Because of the nature of the events the DEC appeals support, one of the key features is to have the service live when a global disaster scenario unfolds, often within 24 hours of the event.

The outcome

Over the last 10 years, Spoke has processed £Ms for numerous DEC appeals. During this time, we have evolved the service to comply with changing technology and regulatory requirements including ever more secure card processing standards (PCI DSS), GDPR and Strong Customer Authentication.

Due to the demographic profile of DEC respondents, Gift-aid is a key element in maximising donations. Spokes automated call IVR is tailored to provide a clear message about the importance of Gift Aid and gathers the required details for successful gift-aid claims achieving much higher than industry standard opt-in rates.

The average donations from the DEC campaigns exceeds other similar appeals by some margin.

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