Case Study



Eurovision is a flagship BBC show, providing one of the highest viewing figures and audience participation response year after year. Spoke have been working with Digame / BBC on Eurovision for over 10 years and have successfully processed millions of votes during this time. 

What we did

Spoke are a key partner, managing both the final and semi-final votes, in one of the biggest voting territories of the 40+ countries involved in Eurovision.   We use a platform that can process thousands of concurrent calls during the short vote window at the end of performances by each country, and utilise a number of compliancy features to ensure callers are not charged when the vote is closed or if dialling the UK number. Spoke work with Digame, the BBC and an independent verifier to deliver the service.

The outcome

Spoke’s integration of the mass voting platform and its data aggregation technology means the UK voting integrates seamlessly with the pan-European response, to deliver a verified result into the platform within minutes of lines closing to the public.

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