Case Study




Nation Radio UK is a quasi-national radio station in the UK, broadcasting online and on DAB. It is owned and operated by Nation Broadcasting and reaches over 800,000 weekly listeners.

What we did

In October 2022 it launched a sponsored competition to win £10k.  A recording of a sentence from a celebrity was played to the listener, and a word from the sentence was edited out. The listener was asked to guess the missing word.  Spoke provided a £1 premium SMS code for listeners to text in for their chance to be chosen to broadcast their guess on air.  We provided a randomly selected shortlist of callers each day.  On day one, the prize pot was £500 and grew by £100 each weekday until the prize pot reached the £10,000 maximum.

The outcome

Nation were delighted with the promotion.  It was an engaging feature which all listeners could take part in and it built listener interest and response as the prize pot increased each day.  The word turned out to be hard to guess, so the competition lasted 8 months… and the winning answer paid out a massive £10,000 prize.

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